How to Use Practice Better to Optimize Your Client Experience

It’s no secret that your client’s overall experience can make or break their time with your practice. From expressing interest in your services to booking their first appointment to scheduling follow ups and paying for sessions, the easier and more enjoyable a client’s overall experience is with you, the better! If the experience is challenging or doesn’t meet their expectations, it often doesn’t matter the value of the information you provide to them during their sessions. Bookings and referrals will be low, and there is even a chance that their compliance with your recommendations will suffer as an effect of their inability to trust in your process.

That’s why it’s vitally important to optimize your client experience from the start. The good news? This doesn’t have to be hard. Thanks to Practice Better, optimizing your client experience from the get-go can be as easy as setting up simple, easy to use automations right in your system. Below I’ve listed 4 must-have processes to use with Practice Better to make your systems flow smoothly and that your client’s experience is phenomenal.

Setting Up Practice Better

1. Calendar Set Up

This may seem simple, but utilizing the calendar in Practice Better is one of the easiest ways to optimize your client’s overall experience. Why? Your calendar let’s clients know when and where they can book sessions with you, and makes it easy to figure out if you’re available at the time they want. No more back and forth emails to find the right time that works for both of you - your client can simply visit your booking page and select the available time they want to meet.

Practice Better Availablitity

To set up your availability, select ‘My Schedule’ from the top bar in Practice Better and choose ‘My Availability’ from the drop down menu. Using the red ‘plus’ (+) arrow in the bottom right of the screen, set your start and end times along with the days this will be valid for. To add availability to more than one day, simply select ‘This time slot recurs’ and choose the days, weeks, or months to add the availability to. Lastly, select which services will be available during this time. You can limit the type of service and service method (in person, online, or phone) by using the radio button located to the right of the service.

2. Chat Function and Autoresponder

Communication with your clients is key, and the chat function in Practice Better can help you do just that. Easy to answer questions and quick check ins can be done right in the program and are delivered to the client in their portal, making them feel better served between sessions. Your client can also reach out to you with basic questions or clarifications regarding their protocols, and you can reach out to multiple clients at one time to share information that could be beneficial to everyone, such as a new program you’re offering or practice schedule change.

It is important to remember, though, that there may be times when your client’s are trying to reach you that you’re not there. That’s why it’s important to set your autoresponder in the chat feature so that your client’s message doesn’t go unanswered.

Practice Better Autoresponder

To set this up, simply select the settings gear icon in the top right corner of your screen and visit ‘Telehealth and Messaging’. Select ‘Edit Settings’ under the Chat Autoresponder section and set the times you would like the auto responder to be sent. I suggest setting this for the times your practice is closed, plus a few extra minutes in them morning after you open your doors. This way, you have time to get settled at your desk before responding to any overnight messages. You can also select different times for different days, with an ‘overnight time’ frame being set for week days and an ‘all day’ timeframe being used for the weekends. To do so, simply select ‘add period’ and choose the additional time frame you would like to add. Once you craft your message to clients, click ‘done’ to set your auto responder.

3. Billing and invoicing

It may not seem intuitive to think that charging your clients can be part of a positive client experience, but when billing is done in a timely manner in a way that your client is expecting, it can be! Nothing is more frustrating than being charged unexpectedly or incorrectly, and using Practice Better to help you manage this process can help alleviate those issues. Plus, having all of their communications come from you in one portal can help to streamline your practice and make you look even more professional.

There are a few different ways to create an invoice for a session. You can create one right when the session is confirmed by simply selecting ‘Create an Invoice’ from the pop-up menu. This will autopopulate an invoice for you based off of the session information. You can also view the session from your calendar and select ‘Create/Edit Invoice’ from the session details menu on the right side of the screen. Lastly, you can visit the ‘Billing and Payments’ section of your portal and select ‘Create Invoice’ from the red plus (+) button on the right side of the screen. Here, you’ll select your client, enter your session information, and create an invoice manually.

Practice Better Client

Each of these options allows you to send the invoice to the client or bill their card directly for the session they selected. I recommend moving clients to a billing system that allows you to save and charge their credit card at a set time either before or immediately following their session. This way, you remove the need for the client to manually pay the invoice each time you meet, and take away the guesswork of chasing clients for past due invoices or cancellation fees.

Can I accept payments via Square or Stripe? Yes and yes. Square and Stripe are Practice Better’s preferred payment partners, and either of these accounts can be easily linked to your Practice Better payment page. Just go to “Settings and Preferences > 3rd Party Integrations”, then under “Billing and Payments” click the “Link” button beside the Square or Stripe option. In addition to accepting credit cards, you can also accept HSA/FSA Cards using Stripe or Square.

Practice Better Payment

You can find more detailed instructions and info about using Square and Stripe with Practice Better here.

4. Client Forms

If you’ve tried manually emailing forms to clients, you know the frustration that can occur because a client can’t open a file, can’t edit a file, forgets to send it back or print it, missing key information, etc. Talk about a headache for you and your client.

By creating and sharing client forms in Practice Better, this process becomes super simple and streamlined. You can require clients to complete forms before requesting services, packages and programs, or manually send them to a client’s portal with just a few clicks. This means your clients don’t have to download and reupload anything, and all of your clients info is neatly and securely stored for you in their portal. It’s a win-win.

More good news: Practice Better tracks when forms have been completed and you can send reminders to complete or sign forms whenever you want.

Can I Integrate Practice Better with My Website?

Yes! The easiest way to do this is by adding a simple button to your website that links directly to your booking page. Include a clear and concise call to action such as, “Book Appointment”, “Schedule Consult”, “Register for Program”, etc.

You can create the button via whatever web builder template you’re using (Squarespace, Wordpress, etc.) or use the Booking Widget provided by Practice Better to embed directly on your site. Either way works well, it’s just a matter of your personal style preferences.

Practice Better Booking

Practice Better Booking Link

You can also create a Client Portal shortcut with this same method. Create an easy-to-access button on your website that links to your client portal. That way, existing clients can quickly click and login to their portal to get appointment info, complete forms, chat with you, etc.

There are so many other ways that Practice Better can be used to optimize your client’s experience, from creating automated session reminders to assigning tasks to clients to creating programs and so much more. Each functionality allows you the opportunity to make your client’s process just a bit simpler with you, increasing the chances that they will rebook, refer, and remain a client for life.

Still feeling overwhelmed with Practice Better and want more help getting set up? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Here’s my free workbook to help you get started!

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