Structuring Your Services to Create a Wellness Business You Love with Jamie Dant

Episode 16: Jamie Dant

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Jamie Dant worked in the fitness industry for 14 years as a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and crossfit coach. Now, as a Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist, Jamie helps athletes nourish their minds & bodies for optimal health and performance without restrictive dieting or tons of cardio.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The many ways Jamie structured her services before finding the RIGHT fit for her business
  • Pros and cons of 1:1 health programs vs. group programs
  • Quick tips for using social media to attract new clients
  • Differentiating your content for Instagram Stories
  • Specific ways to use Practice Better to save you time in your business
  • To meal plan or not to meal plan as a nutritionist?

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