Generating 6-Figure Passive Income, SEO Trends, & Growing a Facebook Group with Erica Julson

Episode 14: Erica Julson

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Erica Julson is a Registered Dietitian and online entrepreneur. She is the Founder of The Unconventional RD - a blog and Facebook group for dietitians interested in passive and alternative income, and creator of The Functional Nutrition Library - a membership site where dietitians can learn more about functional nutrition at an affordable price point.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Erica grew her highly engaged Facebook Group to over 7k members (& the time it takes to do this well!)
  • Why you need to grow your audience BEFORE you create a valuable product
  • What Erica wished she knew about blogging before she got started
  • Top SEO tools & trends of the year, plus expert advice for doing effective keyword research
  • How Erica makes 6-figures online from affiliates, blogging, a membership site, & courses
  • Which passive income streams have generated the most income and ROI

Resources from this episode:

  • Join The Functional Nutrition Library, a membership site full of resources for functional nutrition professionals
  • Get Erica’s Business Bootcamp Courses on SEO, email marketing, or blogging, created especially for wellness professionals who want guidance and support in building a successful online business
  • Join the Healthy Work Community to collaborate with other talented wellness entrepreneurs
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