Real Talk About Using Social Media in Your Wellness Business with Dana Monsees

Episode : Dana Monsees

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Dana Monsees is a licensed and board certified nutritionist (CNS, LDN) and body image coach in the DMV area. In her nutrition and coaching practice, Dana teaches women how to fix their relationship with food and their bodies, ditch the diet cycle for good, and thrive with delicious, real foods. She blogs on Real Food With Dana, and produces the Real Talk With Dana podcast, which is a must-listen for anyone interested in nutrition, health, & fitness.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Dana started & grew her nutrition and coaching practice right out of grad school
  • What you should know before starting a podcast
  • How Dana grew her Instagram following to over 51k followers
  • Why taking a break from social media might make you a better entrepreneur (and how to do this, practically speaking!)

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Danielle Reynolds-Flatt

Danielle Reynolds-Flatt is a nutritionist, entrepreneur, marketing nerd, and cat lady.